Sharon Hollander
I am pleased to announce the completion of my first novel His Final Notice.

Book one in the series featuring Detective Seymour Curtis, newly appointed to the LAPD Homicide Division and his partner, Rachel Cohen.

A doctor is arrested for killing another doctor, but has no memory of pulling the trigger.  When Ben Walters, a prominent surgeon is on trial for murder, two detectives from the LAPD Medical Homicide division must navigate the lies to uncover the truth and to determine what caused Ben to snap.

Seymour Curtis is a sardonic but topnotch detective that hates his first name. He thinks that Seymour is best suited as a name for an accountant or a Labrador puppy. He is introduced to his new high maintenance partner, Rachel Cohen and together in this first novel, they investigate the case of a prominent surgeon Dr. Chad Tanner dead from a gunshot wound to his head. 

News and Events from The Author..... 

Radio Show The Business of Medicine  premiers Thursday November 7th 2013 at 9 am PST  or noon EST.

Stay Tuned for News and Events where you can meet the Author.  We will be announcing future dates for Book Signings and Events.

Medical Billing Horror Stories now available at all major retailers.

Attending Writers Digest Conference in LA  September 27-29th 2013

I will be attending the Sisters In Crime  Conference Event in Pasadena, CA in June 2013 for Mystery Writers.

Will be at the Crime Consultation School in early June 2013

Attending Thrillerfest in NYC in July 2013
His Final Notice
Other Novels written By Sharon Hollander
Book 2:  The Imperfect Husband   to be announced

Book 3  The Absent Wife 
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