Sharon Hollander, Author
The Blogger Poem

When I was a kid
People asked me to go jogging
And now many years later
I'm asked if I am blogging?

A blog you ask me to write
What am I supposed to say?
It doesn't really matter I'm told
as long as it's in your own way

The problem with me
is I wear too many hats
so one blog can't just be about
Writing, and billing or video chats

I should write what I know
and make people care
and it should be fascinating
not just about makeup or hair

Well I am not that vain
but I still care how I look
I am not so excited to have my life
plastered all over the Facebook.

Now, not only that, we have to tweet
To you i must confess
I don't have anything profound to share
In 140 characters or less

These are the ways
for your books to get sold
So say all the experts
Or so I am told

I attend many conferences
where the same questions are posed
only send your queries when asked
with your manuscript enclosed

Agents might answer you back
but more likely they won't
Many writers give up
but here is hoping you don't

Maybe this year
your book will get representation
and someone out there
loves all of your creation

I will make every effort
for my blog will not be boring
to have informative stuff and a laugh
to prevent you from snoring!

And so fellow writers
i end with a note
That' all for now
I think that was a quote


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