Sharon Hollander, Author
First Pod cast- Audits for Hospitals/Doctors

Well, I haven't had the chance to listen back to my podcast but I will share with you the stress of it all.  The ticking clock makes your adrenaline race sort of like being on an episode of 24. I had a little roughness around the edges on the transitions to and back from commercial breaks, but with practice.
My guest was great and I enjoyed our discussion about audits for physicians and hospitals.  Very informative. Check it out at If you have any feedback or questions or want to comment please feel free to email me at and or comment on the blog.
Next show will be great. I am interviewing Derek Pacifico, a retired Homicide detective who is going to talk about elder abuse and homicides in home health situations.  Don't miss it.  I took a homicide class from him to prepare for my novel, and loved loved loved it!
Have a good day and be back soon.

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