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Fighting Medical Bills

Tune in to my radio show at www. to hear guest Marshall Rosenberg discuss how often medical bills contain errors ( mostly hospital bills) and ways patients can fight these bills. If you have no insurance, only catastrophic care or a hugely high deductible,  Did you know that if you qualify for a certain income level, the hospital has to reprice the bill to Medicare rates? I didn't.  Tune in to learn more behind the scenes secrets hospitals and doctors don't want you to know. 

My guest this week January 16th at noon EST or 9am PST will be renown Healthcare consultant and co-founder of Manage my Practice, Mary Pat Whaley.. She will enlighten us with her Predictions for Medical Practices in 2014. It is sure to be a fabulous show.

888-463-6748Thanks for all the support and letters. I will try to answer all your questions. If you want to join the conversation live please feel free to do so by calling in at

Happy New Year and wishing all a healthy and happy one.
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