Sharon Hollander
CEO STAT Medical Consulting, Inc

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Shssharon Hollander
Book 2 series starring Detective Seymour Curtis and Rachel Cohen

Sharon Hollander is an author, entrepreneur, and a
healthcare consultant in the area of practice management
for over 30 years. She is a leading expert in the
area of physician billing and reimbursement. Currently
the President of STAT Medical Consulting, a comprehensive
medical billing service in Encino, California
providing billing services to physicians and surgeons in solo practice
or small group practices. She has given many seminars on Billing,
Coding, Fraud and Abuse, and has published a monthly column in MD
News in the Inland Empire edition.
Her first novel, a medical thriller called
His Final Notice, is awaiting publication.
Drop me a line I would love to hear from you.



She walked into the room wearing a trench coat, hiding her full length crochet dress she wore with only a thong underneath. Today seeing her after such a long time, she still was as sexy as he remembered. His body stiffened.

“The People versus Dr. Benjamin Walters, case number A456829”, announced the bailiff. Ben finally felt himself exhale. He wasn't even aware that he was holding his breath. Rueben Saunders, seated closest to him, patted him gently on the forearm, but he didn't feel any sense of calmness that the gesture was supposed to have "Dr. Benjamin Walters is present in the court this morning represented by council Mr. Ruben Saunders and Mr. Duncan McAllister...

“Mr. Lakes, do the people wish to provide an opening statement?” “Yes, your honor.” “Please proceed.” “Thank you, your honor,” he nodded at the judge and turned to address the rest of the court. “Good morning. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your service on this case. My name is Malcolm Lakes, and I am here before you this morning to tell you that all the evidence in this case will show that, without a shadow of a doubt that in cold blood Dr. Benjamin Walters murdered Dr. Chad Tanner.”

Sharon Hollander has a bachelors degree in Psychology and Physiology from York University in Toronto, Canada.
She is currently residing in the West San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles area with her Labradoodle, Jason. 
Jason manages his own dot com company,