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“Finally, a clever—and even lighthearted — Cliffnotes–type book to help navigate the confusing and confounding insurance billing/payment world.  The only “Bible of Insurance Billing”. Unthinkable that any practice would not devour this book immediately. Unless, of course, not interested in getting  paid for their services!”                                                                                           -Robert Kotler, MD, FACS                                                                                    
Beverly Hills, CA  Author of Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, star of TV show Dr. 90210

Ms. Hollander has created a real gem.  Medical Billing Horror Stories is a useful tool that can be used to help guide physicians through the sometimes confusing world of medical billing practices.  Her case studies are both informative and entertaining, not an easy task!”      

   -M. Evan Hetu Healthcare Executive, Fortune 50 Company

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Medical Billing Horror Stories by Sharon Hollander

Medical Billing Horror Stories

by Sharon Hollander

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Announcing the release of Medical Billing Horror Stories

Medical Billing Horror Stories

Anecdotes and real case studies ripped from the headlines about what doctors did which got them into trouble either with Medicare, HIPPA, The Office of Inspector General or worse the FBI.

The case studies presented within these pages are true stories of medical professionals: Some are about providers just like you. Many doctors are just trying to navigate the maze of the medical billing process.

Many providers thought that if they only bill just 99213’s, they could stay under the radar. What they didn’t expect is that by doing this and not varying their coding appropriately, they were raising red flags about their billing practices which led to them being audited by Medicare.

With the changing rules and regulations and challenges facing healthcare, you cannot afford to miss this information.

If you submit even one claim for reimbursement this is a must read!

Medical Billing Horror Stories Hardcover
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